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Immanuel Lutheran School collects and displays student photographs and videos for classroom bulletin boards/presentations, school bulletin boards/presentations, school newsletters, the school yearbook, the school website, press releases, and school information materials such as brochures.  Pictures used on the website do not include student names or other personal identifying information. 

Immanuel is asking for your permission to use the images/likenesses of your son/daughter, in a responsible manner, as described above.       Please choose one of the following:

1 I give consent to use my son/daughter’s photograph/video as described above.
2 I give consent to use to use my son/daughter's photograph/video as described above with the exception of the school's website.
3 I give consent to use my son/daughter's photograph in the school yearbook only.
4 I DO NOT give my consent for photographs/videos of my son/daughter to be used by Immanuel in any manner or form.
* Occasionally, the Columbus Telegram takes candid pictures of our students at our events and puts pictures with an article. Please mark your preference.
1 I give permission to have my son/daughter's photo used in the Columbus Telegram.
2 I give permission to have my son/daughter's photo used in the Columbus Telegram, but DO NOT want their name published.
3 I DO NOT give my consent to have photographs of my son/daughter used by the Columbus Telegram in ANY WAY.

This information will be kept on file for one year.  Parents are required to renew this form each year. Parents have the right to update/change the photo release options at any time during the school year. 



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